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The MSDS sheet for Fiberglass has it at a melt point of >1300F the kraft paper has a asphault on the back of it and is flamable. Think cellulose is a good choice in insulation? Drilling through King Stud Framing for Plumbing Waste Pipes … View Video

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This makes concrete an excellent insulation, improving the sustainability of the building it surrounds by reducing the required energy to maintain climate. Corrosion – When choosing a structural material, it is important to consider the life cycle of the building. … Read Article

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Purchase a used whirlpool type bathtub model and reconnect the pvc piping to metal pipes that run through a fireplace to heat your water. The foam is for exterior insulation an not intended for real contact with the plants. Although the MSDS … View Video

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Plastic film alone offers some insulation, metallized plastics are probably on do you know the supplier? Most burned plastics smell alike, like burnt Horn, per the BASF data bulletins and MSDS s. Most plastics are Plastics: PVC Pipe Bending, pvc pipes, storage method, wet … Read Article

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Read the MSDS, Pyron or any oxidized Polyacrylonitrile fibers will produce Hydrogen cyanide gas when heated above a certian temperature (reported at 500F and 570F). Go to the plumbing section where you can get a heat guard for sweating pipes. … View Video