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Is running in the condensing unit the larger of the two lines between in and outside should be ice cold under the insulation after the unit has run for 10-20 minutes. If you can the condensation drain where it comes out of the pipe Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC: 1997 goodman … Read Article

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Really funny pics going to a party i dont understand why, with computers being what they are today, you have to post crappy video quality, and even worse sound quality … View Video

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Around the world, ELANTAS Electrical Insulation companies . are respected as market leaders in the development. Saturday, 13 Apr 2013. Home; Contact Page; a mechanical and industrial insulation contractor and supplier of pipe, duct, tanks and equipment insulation for the HVAC and plumbing … Read Article

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How to make FanWar axes you can get the foam pipe insulation at any hardware store and you can get the camp matt foam/ the blue foam at walmart/anywhere that sells camping suplies … View Video

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By the way when I said this genset quit. it was the generator quit voltage output not the engine. I gave it away and the next owner replaced regulator and all is still working fine. … View Video

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[2.17] Self Adhesive pins PINSAEach square metre of insulation blanket needs 10 to 12 pins. SAFETY Protective caps (PINSACAP) for attacing round the pin are … Read Article

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SEMINAR PAPER SERIESPentti J.K. Kouri . The Exchange Rate and the Balance of and the Insulation of Small Open Economies from Foreign Price Disturbances. … Read Article