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Basis Of Design
4) Insulate fan powered boxes with fiberglass and a hard, cleanable surface exposed to the air stream. Document Phase: Provide a schedule listing vibration isolation requirements for equipment, piping • Provide springs that are large diameter, stable type which do not require guides or snubbers. … Return Document

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F. Insulation: Factory-insulate cooler, suction lines, and other surfaces where condensation Provide snubbers to meet seismic requirements. 2. Verify piping rough-in locations. Verify branch circuit wiring suitability. … Fetch Here

Specify gages of at least 4 inches in diameter for piping systems readable without the use of a ladder. 6. Specify snubbers for gages serving pumps. Insulate the following systems. a. Cold potable water piping b. Roof drain piping c. Hot potable water piping d. … Retrieve Here

Install restraining snubbers as required. Adjust snubbers to prevent tension in flexible connectors when fan Insulate coil headers located outside airflow. Refer to Section 15083P – Mechanical Piping Insulation. … View This Document
23 05 41 Noise and Vibration Control for HVAC Piping and Equipment. 23 05 93 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing for HVAC. 23 07 11 HVAC, Plumbing, and Boiler Plant Insulation … Return Doc

Do not insulate over test plugs. PRESSURE GAUGES. Install in locations where indicated on the drawings and/or details, including any gauge piping, with scale range appropriate to the system operating pressures. PRESSURE SNUBBERS: … Fetch Doc

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G. Section 15120 – Piping Specialties: Product requirements for meters, gages and Adjust snubbers to prevent tension in flexible connectors when fan is operating. E. Insulate coil headers located outside airflow. … Fetch Doc

Dampening Devices or ‘Snubbers’: Shall be used to protect gauges near pump discharges. Insulated Piping: For insulated piping, the sleeve diameter shall be sufficient to allow the Insulate Around Pipes In Sleeves: With sound deadening material and/or fire stop material where … Read Here

I/A Series Pressure Transmitters Getting Started
† Use snubbers in installations prone to high levels of † Insulate (if necessary) and run lines close together Impulse Piping Signal and ac Power Wiring RFI/EMI Protection … Access Content

15050 Basic Materials & Methods
Do not insulate piping systems until fully installed and proven tight. Do not introduce water for testing where freezing conditions exist or where piping Accommodate side loading of equipment and inertia pads when calculating maximum loads on isolators; provide pairs of side snubbers and/or … Fetch Document

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VMC Series RSH Spring Flex hangers provide optimum vibration isolation for suspended piping and incorporates a color coded steel spring seated in a neoprene cup with an integral bushing to insulate to maintain proper drive alignment and resist starting torque without the use of restraining snubbers … View Doc

B. Snubbers: Each spring mounted base shall have a minimum of four all-directional or eight two directional (two per side) seismic snubbers Insulate piping to within approximately 75 mm (3 inches) of uninsulated items. … Fetch Doc

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All new MTCW piping, fittings, flanges, bolts and gaskets shall conform with the to be fitted with open spring mounts and seismic snubbers per equipment schedule. Insulate supply and return water lines with owner approved insulation and jacketing. … Retrieve Full Source

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After exposing necessary sections of piping to be removed at any on time, the pre-built portable containment structure can be placed of exposed piping to effectively form a regulated area/containment. … Read Here